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The pedagogies that underpin our practice are based on constructivism, we believe students need to get hands on and create to show their understanding, and connectivism where strong links are made through and across curriculum to deepen understanding. Key competencies are critical and our programmes develop student agency through collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.


So how does your school approach inquiry?  Is it still treated like a topic that gets coverage 2-3 times a week in the afternoon that is teacher directed. Or is it student directed where students can spend up to a term never breaking the surface of the inquiry, finding answers to questions we can all find on google?


My pedagogical approach to inquiry is that we need to guide students through the inquiry process.

Inquiry should be at the core of our teaching day and integrated across curriculum. Inquiry should provide authentic, engaging, problem solving opportunities for students.

We need to teach students how to think and scaffold them for success to deepen learning. 


Book your Teacher Only Day / Management workshop to find out how. 


Does your website allow students, teachers and the school community to interact with each other?

Can you manage the content of your website and is it easy to update regularly at no cost?

Is your website reflective of what is happening in your school in real time? 


Here are some websites we have created for schools, contact us for a website proposal

Check out the Hobsonville

 blog here

Leading Local Curriculum through Science & STEM

Check out the ULS blog here

Blended inquiry means engaging students effectively across the NZ curriculum in science, social studies, technology and sustainability. It is about planning robust and rigorous inquiries where students are getting hands-on and learning through creating, explaining, comparing, making links through critical thinking and teachers feel confident acting as a guide through the inquiry process. Technology is integrated, classrooms are flipped, students become self managing however they are still carefully scaffolded for success, providing opportunities for deep thinking, use of technology and time to celebrate their learning.

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