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Collaborating with schools, Facilitating a shared vision

At Blend Learning, we believe that every teacher and  student has the potential to succeed. Our school curriculum PLD is designed to equip teachers with the tools they need to create an engaging and meaningful learning experience for their students. We provide personalised support to ensure that teachers can leverage the latest educational technologies and practices to meet the diverse needs of their students and help them reach their full potential.


MOE attested facilitators work with leadership, teaching teams and students, facilitating a shared vision. We support schools through strategic planning, hands-on workshops, in class modelling and co-teaching to create successful pedagogical change.


Blend is a member of the Ministry of Education PLD Provider Panel. Contact us for all your PLD needs and support with your application for MOE Regionally Allocated PLD or ask about our packages for impactful curriculum change. 


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What a pleasure working with highly knowledgeable and skilled leaders who are well organised, are dedicated to building relationships and support teachers to make changes to their practice so our learners get optimum learning opportunities.




Facilitators that are responsive to our needs and have the in-depth pedagogical and curriculum knowledge that our kura needs.  We have noticed a broadening of our children’s knowledge and appreciation of their local environment as our concept planning reflects our local curriculum. 

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Our teachers are so engaged in the Science PLD. They are given the practical tools to really get hands on with science. Blend Learning always provide authentic links to local curriculum with a Mātāuranga Māori Lens and  make PLD relevant to our curriculum and classrooms.

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Blend Learning's facilitation style is extremely effective as skilled collaborators.  Each of our schools received personalised development and experienced successful outcomes with the Aotearoa NZ Histories Curriculum. 

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