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Science Capabilities & STEM PLD
Develop scientists through questions & observations 

Science offers students the opportunity to develop the skills to explore and question the world they inhabit. It is about asking a question, gathering evidence and using it to answer the question. It challenges students to think critically and supports their capability to make informed decisions. Applying science investigation as a tool within students integrated inquiries can deepen the experience and provide engaging rich learning experiences.

Blend offers schools and teachers assistance in developing their local curriculum with a clear focus on fostering students' scientific literacy. We can provide strategic planning and workshops as well as being able to working closely with with teachers and teams to bring science into the classroom. Contact us to support you with your application for MOE Regionally Allocated PLD.

Science PLD with Blend 


Making links to science across different learning areas means students have more opportunities to develop their scientific capabilities. Using a local lens students can experience science in their local environment .


 Developing essential skills to investigate and make meaning of the world is crucial for every student. The way lessons are structured prompts students to develop their critical thinking skills.


We focus on developing students as creators through challenge. STEM projects can be used to link multiple areas of the curriculum in authentic contexts.

STEM is about using science and technology to solve problems.


We empower teachers to confidently and effectively use Nature of Science  (NoS) in the classroom, so students  learn what it means to be a scientist. You can easily blend  NoS into classroom practice.



Unpack Nature of Science and how you can use scientific investigation in your classroom.

Explore how you can blend science into your current planning and local curriculum.





We work with you to build your capacity and capabilities through a collaborative action plan and shared vision.


Please get in touch to apply for MOE RAPLD or to tailor a package to suit your school needs. 

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What a pleasure working with highly knowledgeable and skilled leaders who are well organised, are dedicated to building relationships and support teachers to make changes to their practice so our learners get optimum learning opportunities.




Facilitators who truly care! Nick and Tracey excel at tailoring their approach to uplift and enhance the skills of your staff. It has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with these dedicated providers who invest the time to understand each individual team member and assist them in achieving better outcomes for our learners.

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Our teachers are so engaged in the Science PLD. They are given the practical tools to really get hands on with science. Blend Learning always provide authentic links to local curriculum with a Mātāuranga Māori Lens and  make PLD relevant to our curriculum and classrooms.

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Our teachers were appreciative of how Nick and Tracey approached the PLD and worked alongside them to deliver the best outcomes for learners.  We recommend both Nick and Tracey for their knowledge, flexible approach and ability to establish trusting working relationships.

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