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Structured Literacy PLD
Expert Led , research based, tailored to your school 

Our program is designed by experts with over a decade of experience in adapting to the ever-evolving NZ curriculum, ensuring you receive cutting-edge, research-based best practices. Dive deep into the Science of Reading (SOR) and discover how to effectively implement Structured Literacy approaches in your classroom. Our engaging and comprehensive content will not only enhance your instructional methods but also significantly boost your students' reading and writing skills. Join the many schools that have already transformed their literacy programs with Blend Learning's proven and sustainable PLD solutions. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your teaching and witness tangible improvements in your students' literacy outcomes.

What sets Blend Learning apart is our proven model of PLD, which includes personalized coaching and mentoring. This tailored support ensures that teachers not only understand and implement structured literacy approaches but also receive ongoing guidance to refine their practice. Our hands-on, collaborative approach has been shown to produce lasting improvements in teaching effectiveness and student achievement, making us a trusted partner for schools seeking to make meaningful and sustainable changes in literacy education.

Highlights of Structured Literacy PLD with Blend 


Our PLD is rooted in evidence-based practices and delivered by experienced facilitators who are leaders in literacy education.Their practice as facilitators and teachers is grounded in current research trends, regularly evaluating programs, resources, and publications to ensure they align with SOL and SOR principles.


Our PLD leverages the pillars of Structured Literacy, providing comprehensive training in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension to ensure holistic literacy development.


Our PLD empowers teachers to utilize diagnostic tools and formative assessments to inform responsive teaching and reteaching as necessary within a structured scope and sequence. This approach ensures that instruction is continuously adapted to meet student needs and promote mastery.

Sustainably growing

We implement sustainable practice shifts by providing coaching and mentoring, nurturing literacy leaders within schools. This ensures lasting change and builds long-term capability in literacy education.

Reading Together


Unpack the key elements of the Science of Learning and Reading 



Get in touch with us for a detailed overview of our 3 day workshops in Structured Literacy and how we can tailor our delivery to your school.

Young Kids in Class

Meet our Structured Literacy Team 

Our facilitators boast extensive experience, professional development, and notable achievements in literacy education, positioning themselves as leaders supported by evidence-based research. They have undergone comprehensive structured literacy professional learning and effectively implemented these approaches. With a diverse array of qualifications and leadership roles in literacy across schools, they have honed their expertise in applying the science of learning to reading and writing instruction, fostering a profound understanding in this domain.

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