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Aotearoa NZ Histories PLD
Unpack the Big Ideas, Know your local contexts, Connect students to your place

At Blend Learning, we understand the importance of helping teachers navigate the Histories Curriculum. Our expert facilitators unpack the curriculum in easy to manage steps, so it becomes meaningful for both teachers and students. By taking a local curriculum and Te Aō Māori lens, we empower students to become critical citizens who can create timelines, retell stories, and connect with their community.

We have developed master plans and resources that cover the key themes of the curriculum and show how this curriculum can integrate with others in authentic ways, saving time and planning for rich learning experiences. 

Blend Learning is a member of the Ministry of Education PLD Provider Panel. Contact us to support you with your application for MOE Regionally Allocated PLD or talk to us about our support packages in this area. 

Highlights of Aotearoa NZ Histories PLD with Blend 

TE Aō Māori

Valuing the importance of Mātāuranga Māori connections within the curriculum builds teacher knowledge and confidence of a Māori World View and give opportunities to explore how science links to the ANZHC. 

DIGITAL Storytelling

Students can become historians using digital mapping, retelling local pūrākau, sequencing timelines while comparing and contrasting perspectives. Digital integration engages students in the DO practices of the ANZHC. 


Teachers and students connect to their local people, places and stories and we facilitate schools to tell their own histories and explore the value of the whenua surrounding them. 


We facilitate collaborative planning with teachers to develop guided student inquiry that encourages critical thinking, with resources and learning experiences that foster informed citizens.



Unpack the main themes of the ANZHC 

Link to your current planning and local curriculum

 Critical Thinking Inquiry Planning

Use the UNDERSTAND, KNOW, DO in collaborative planning


Please get in touch to apply for MOE RAPLD or to tailor a package to suit your school needs. 


We work with you over the year to build your capacity and capabilities with the ANZHC through a collaborative action plan and shared vision. This may include 

Unpacking the Curriculum, Delving into your local people, places and stories, developing your inquiry process to align with the UNDERSTAND, KNOW & DO, look further into critical thinking strategies, integration of digital technology, science and Te Aõ Māori.


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It has been fantastic working alongside Tracey this year. She has brought a wealth of knowledge with her into our planning and helped us understand how to use the ANZH curriculum effectively. Our inquiry planning is succinct, with a clearer vision that aligns to our local curriculum. We have a hub now of valuable resources and learning experiences that I wouldn't have otherwise taught or used. 



We have developed more confidence with the NZ Histories Curriculum and how we can connect it to other curriculum areas, saving us time. As a Learning Community, all of the teachers were excited about the concepts that we planned and this excitement was caught by the children who were engaged, enthusiastic and totally immersed in the learning.

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Blend Learning has helped us look into local narratives, strengthening our ties to community history, while also encouraging teachers to delve deeper into Mātauranga Māori, enriching our curriculum with indigenous wisdom. Tracey has facilitated collaborative planning among our SLT team where we have been able to effectively integrate curriculum areas.

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