Whether you are starting your school's digital journey or you are ready to tackle the new Digital curriculum content, Blend provides a unique model of facilitation that is effective and successful. Blending digital technology is only sustainable if it is relevant to teachers, pitched at the right student level and can be planned within authentic curriculum context.

Our point of difference - not only do we provide hands on workshops, strategic and infrastructure planning and support but we work in-classrooms with teachers, modelling, sharing and reflecting, so good digital practice becomes embedded. 

Blend is a Ministry of Education Accredited PLD Provider so contact us to support you with your application for ministry funded PLD.

Digital Fluency
engage < enhance < deepen

We work with teachers to build their confidence and knowledge to  choose the right digital tool and ensure it engages the learner, enhances the learning and deepens the understanding. We work with teachers using the SAMR model and the e-competencies to build school digital toolkits that easily blend with literacy, numeracy and inquiry. We use technology as a tool to scaffold thinking and aid learning.

Strategic e-learning reviews and planning

Professional Learning Workshops for Teachers on effective e-learning. 


Non-game based Ipad Apps for Literacy & Numeracy.


Collaborative web based Apps to scaffold thinking and  learning


In-class support for teachers leading students to successful redefinition of digital outcomes.

Effective E-learning that promotes critical thinking and innovative teaching

Is your school ready for your

digital technology journey in 2020?

Teacher Voice

“Using digital technology with the ‘Engage, Enhance, Deepen’ frame of mind has been great. It’s made me question why am I using digital tools and what outcomes I want my learners to achieve. “


“It has been so valuable to observe Tracey in action so I can keep engagement of the kids in mind.  It's been great focusing on a couple of apps so they can consolidate their learning and use it as a tool for critical thinking”

Digital Technology 
                                            tinkering < debugging < collaborating

Blend delivers hands on workshops and collaboratively supports teachers to plan authentic digital technology, integrating it seamlessly into the classroom program. 

We can support with applying for centrally funded PLD and initially unpack the new content so you are well prepared and digitally ready to start this journey. 

Integrate Robotics, 3D Design & Makey technology

Coding & Unplugged Algorithmic Thinking

Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes to become creators not users of Digital technology

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Tracey Pacheco 

MOE Accredited  Facilitator 


PG DipEd and 15 years classroom teaching experience

BCom in Marketing & International Business

Postgraduate Certificate Digital & Collaborative Learning

PGCE, 20 years classroom teaching experience, experienced HOD Science.

Nick Bithell

MOE Accredited Facilitator


BSc Hons Experimental Physics

TESSOL Qualified