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Whether you are starting your school's digital journey or you are ready to tackle the new digital curriculum content, Blend provides a unique model of facilitation that is effective and successful. Blending digital technology is only sustainable if it is relevant to teachers, pitched at the right student level and can be planned within authentic curriculum context.

Our point of difference - not only do we provide hands on workshops, strategic and infrastructure planning and support but we work in classrooms with teachers, modelling, sharing and reflecting, so good digital practice becomes embedded. 

Blend is a member of the Ministry of Education PLD Provider Panel. Contact us to support you with your application for MOE Regionally Allocated  PLD.

engage < enhance < deepen

We work with teachers to build their confidence and knowledge to  choose the right digital tool and ensure it engages the learner, enhances the learning and deepens understanding. We cover all aspects of digital fluency including principles, capabilities and literacies

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Strategic e-learning reviews and planning

Professional Learning Workshops for teachers on effective e-learning pedagogies

School digital kete development of web based  and Ipad Apps to scaffold thinking and learning

In-class modelling and support for teachers to scaffold students to successful digital outcomes

Strategies that underpin student digital and media literacies 

Digital citizenship procedures, plans and resources 

Has your school nailed the Digital               
                                  Technologies curriculum?

Teacher Voice

“Using digital technology with the ‘Engage, Enhance, Deepen’ frame of mind has been great. It’s made me question why am I using digital tools and what outcomes I want my learners to achieve.“


“It has been so valuable to observe Tracey in action so I can keep engagement of the kids in mind.  It's been great focusing on a couple of apps so they can consolidate their learning and use it as a tool for critical thinking”

                                       tinkering < debugging < collaborating

Seamless integration of the technology curriculum within the classroom program and across curriculum is the goal here. The new technology strands of computational thinking and designing digital outcomes can be daunting but Blend values teachers time. We build confidence, scaffolding teachers and breaking down the learning into manageable bites. Teachers and students develop their knowledge and expertise in: 

Unplugged Algorithmic Thinking

Coded Animation using Scratch 


Robotics, 3D Design & Makerspace technology

Binary and understanding how digital devices work

Design Thinking with technology

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Hobsonville School

Well, didn’t the school community turn out to support students learning with a future focussed approach!

The digi-tech showcase achieved what it set out to do - allow students to use and share with others how digital technology can weave into what we are learning across our school curriculum.


The new content in the technology curriculum is all about students becoming creators of technology rather than users, so we can better understand and value the impact technology can have in our everyday lives. It starts in the Juniors in an unplugged way. Students shared with parents how computers store information with secret binary codes, how to solve a problem by giving instructions and navigating maps to find the treasure. We even had students creating coded programs and digital books to teach us about their learning around the solar system. 


We had over 50 Year 4-8 presenters attend the Senior evening event, putting their coaching hats on to teach others a digital tool or idea they were passionate about. If you made a binary bracelet, took on a  kahoot quiz, played our computational thinking game, learnt how to do 3D design or code a game, played the giant piano or made a brainbox circuit - a huge thanks to the presenters. Walking through the rooms, parents and children had their curiosity ignited as they watched robots travel around the globe and wondered how a simple pencil drawing can become conductive. Our Stop Motion studio was a favourite as the Year 4s retold their stories in animated lego and playdoh. 

Technology Class

A local curriculum lens where students can become creative, critical thinkers and designers of technology. 


We support teachers to plan inquiries where students can become problem finders and innovative problem solvers using digital technology. Utilising the design thinking process, teachers and students develop their confidence as potential creators of digital technology that solve real life, local problems in your community. 

Australian Flag

A local curriculum lens where students learn how to participate and take action as critical informed and responsible citizens. 


We support teachers to plan inquiries that connect them to the history of local people, places and stories. This contributes to students sense of self and builds relationships with people and land. Through exploring different perspectives and experiences you can ensure Te Ao Maori and Pūrākau are incorporated into your local curriculum.

Outdoor Education

A local curriculum lens where students investigate their world, and apply their new knowledge.


We support teachers to plan inquiries where students are supported to ask questions and answer for themselves by gathering and using evidence. This might be to let us know what is happening in this place. Is papatūānuku just surviving or thriving? What can we do to help?We use science to explore our world and the  actions we can take.

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