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Digital Fluency PLD
Engage, enhance and deepen learning with digital integration 

At Blend Learning, we provide a unique model of facilitation to help schools, whether embarking on your digital journey or tackling more complex digital technology progress outcomes. Our effective and successful model includes big picture strategic and infrastructure planning, hands-on workshops, and in-class support to remove barriers for learning. We work with educators at every level to make the transition to a digital learning as smooth as possible, building confidence with teachers and students in a supportive environment. 

Blend Learning is a member of the Ministry of Education PLD Provider Panel. Contact us to support you with your application for MOE Regionally Allocated PLD or talk to us about our support packages in this area. 

Highlights of Digital Technologies PLD with Blend 

Curriculum integration

Integrating digital technolgies across the curriculum means students can share their learning authentically using a variety of digital tools.


Digital technology can be used to encourage students to think critically and respond to learning. Learn how to  scaffold students  through rich learning experiences to experience digital success. 


We focus on developing students as creators not users of digital technologies. Students can create using computational thinking and the design thinking process. Coding, Robotics, Electronics with real purpose in mind. 


Developing a digital citizenship strategy is a vital component to developing digital fluency and literacy. Blend creates a program tailored to your school needs.

Kids in Technology Class


Quick digital review, digital kete and integrated digital planning

Get hands on with your digital kete and develop an understanding of digital fluency.


Please get in touch to apply for MOE RAPLD or to tailor a package to suit your school needs. 


We work with you over the year to build your Digital Fluency. 

Day 1: Digital Review, Digital Kete & Plan

Day 2: Digital Citizenship & Literacy

Day 3: Computational Thinking - coding, robotics, 3D design. 

Day 4: Digital Kete in action

Day 5: Digital Integration in planning


Company concept meeting




Blend Learning supported us to implement and strengthen our digital fluency. The impact of the PLD was clear as teachers and students built confidence and capacity to embed  digital technology throughout the school. Tracey made it easy for teachers to integrate coding, robotics and computational thinking into their classrooms. 



Working with Tracey has been amazing. She is an essential part of our whānau and has contributed greatly with her immense knowledge in digital fluency.


Her patience and expertise with easy-to-use tools for both teachers and students make her an invaluable asset in our bilingual unit and together we have created some amazing digital outcomes.



 Blend Learning have provided unwavering support to our teachers as they navigate the complexities of integrating technology into their classrooms.


Their expertise, combined with their engaging workshops and modelling, have allowed us to build a digital kete  and shape a digital citizenship program that truly prepare our students for the future.



Using digital technology with the ‘Engage, Enhance, Deepen’ frame of mind has been great. It’s made me question why am I using digital tools and what outcomes I want my learners to achieve.


It has been so valuable to observe Tracey in action so I can keep engagement of the kids in mind.  It's been great focusing on a couple of apps so they can consolidate their learning and use it as a tool for critical thinking.

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