Blend offers schools and teachers assistance in developing school programmes with a clear focus on fostering students' scientific literacy. Our STEM and science facilitator, Nick Bithell, has a large reservoir of experience to draw from having worked as a specialist science teacher for over 20 years and more recently as a facilitator of science and STEM.


Nick can provide workshops and strategic planning as well as being able to work with individuals and teams. He enjoys supporting individual teachers and teams to plan for the classroom and is able to support in class to enable good practice to become embedded. Exactly how this looks in practice is tailored to you and your school.

Nature of Science 
                  & Scientific Literacy

The New Zealand Curriculum recognises the value of developing scientifically literate learners. Through the Nature of Science strand, students learn what science is and how scientists work. The Living, Material and Physical world strands, together with Planet Earth and Beyond provide meaningful contexts for developing students scientific understanding.


By developing teachers understanding of how to deliver Nature of Science and the science capabilities, students are able to access opportunities through a local curriculum specific to their community. 


STEM projects can be used to explicitly link skills from multiple areas of the curriculum in authentic contexts.

Image by Emily Morter
Create Critical Thinkers

Children naturally question their world. Key aspects of the NZC require students to develop skills to investigate their world, make meaning of it and use their understanding. We empower teachers in using Nature of Science effectively to help grow students science capabilities.


Develop young scientists eager to
       question and build a better future.