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Blend offers schools and teachers assistance in developing school programmes with a clear focus on fostering students' scientific literacy. Our STEM and science facilitator, Nick Bithell has a large reservoir of experience to draw from, having worked as a specialist science teacher for over 20 years and recently as an facilitator within the STEM field.


Nick can work with teachers to provide workshops and strategic planning as well as being able to work in the classroom with the teacher to model and support, enabling good practice to become embedded.

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Nature of Science 
                  & Scientific Literacy

Gone are the days of students learning lots of facts and this being enough to prepare them for the future. NoS in the New Zealand Curriculum recognises this and instead places weight on understanding the nature of science and the value of scientific literacy. Through this strand, students learn what science is and how scientists work. The Living, Material and Physical world strands together with Planet Earth and Beyond provide meaningful contexts for developing students scientific understanding.


Through STEM projects students can easily access opportunities to develop all of the key competencies. Projects can also enable students to explicitly link skills from multiple areas of the curriculum in an authentic context.


Sustainability is a clear focus within the New Zealand Curriculum and environmental sustainability may be the most pressing concern for mankind. Science is at the forefront of developing rigorous understanding of our impact on our environment and also in developing solutions including new technology. Giving sustainability a valued place in your curriculum makes learning immediately relevant and future-focused, providing students with the opportunity to ponder and address real-life problems.


Develop young scientists eager to

                  help us build a better future.

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Tracey Pacheco 

MOE Accredited  Facilitator 


PG DipEd and 15 years classroom teaching experience

BCom in Marketing & International Business

Postgraduate Certificate Digital & Collaborative Learning

PGCE, 20 years classroom teaching experience, experienced HOD Science.

Nick Bithell

MOE Accredited Facilitator


BSc Hons Experimental Physics

TESSOL Qualified