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Blend has long held belief, backed by research, that planning guided integrated inquiry allows students to experience rich learning across the breath of the curriculum through DOING. Using an inquiry model, students are prompted to think critically and creatively within the contexts, getting deeper into the inquiry and then TAKE ACTION and CREATE to share their learning. Blended or integrated inquiry means, looking for local contexts, that have connections to science, social studies, technology and sustainability.


Students are engaged through hands-on relevant learning and teachers guide students. One of the most important advantages is time saved through integration when dealing with a very full curriculum. 


Blend can help develop your unique school inquiry model, support you to choose relevant contexts for integrated learning, and develop teachers' ability to plan rich learning opportunities that promote critical thinking.


We have been supporting schools with:

  • Developing a blended or integrated learning approach

  • Understanding what it means to learn locally and develop a local curriculum

  • Creating a local curriculum strategy that aligns to the curriculum refresh and ensures curriculum coverage

  • Aligning vision and values to student learning opportunities with clear coherent pathways 

  • Connecting to local people, places and stories to make learning authentic and enriched

  • Developing robust inquiry models that provide students rich learning opportunties that develop critical and creative thinking skills

  • Looking for and understanding the history and science of your rohe and how students can share these stories using digital technology

  • Using design thinking so students become problem finders and take sustainable action as active contributors of your community. 

School Field Trip
Technology Class

A local curriculum lens where students can become creative, critical thinkers and designers of technology. 


We support teachers to plan inquiries where students can become problem finders and innovative problem solvers using digital technology. Utilising the design thinking process, teachers and students develop their confidence as potential creators of digital technology that solve real life, local problems in your community. 

Australian Flag

A local curriculum lens where students learn how to participate and take action as critical informed and responsible citizens. 


We support teachers to plan inquiries that connect them to the history of local people, places and stories. This contributes to their sense of self and builds relationships with people and land. Through understanding different perspectives and experiences, we ensure Te Ao Maori and Pūrākau are incorporated into your local curriculum. 

Outdoor Education

A local curriculum lens where students investigate their world, and apply their new knowledge.


We support teachers to plan inquiries where students are supported to ask and answer questions for themselves by gathering and using evidence. This might be to let us know what is happening in this place. Is papatūānuku just surviving or thriving? What can we do to help?We use science to explore our world and the  actions we can take.

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