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Digital Storytelling and the ANZHC

With the introduction of the Aotearoa New Zealand Histories curriculum next year, we have the opportunity to provide both teachers and students with rich learning through the integration of digital fluency and local histories through storytelling.

Students can tell stories digitally of voyages, traditions and timelines nationally and locally, using a range of free to use digital storytelling applications. Some applications also integrate the use of computational thinking and can provide further opportunities for schools to strengthen their understanding and confidence with the digital technologies curriculum content. This all happens in a steady and scaffolded way that meets the needs and values of the school and the individual.

The ANZHC is the first part of the curriculum review that sets out a fresh look at inquiry and uses the UNDERSTAND, KNOW and DO framework. Not only does this spark critical and deep thinking but prompts students to engage in authentic local contexts.

Find out more about the ANZHC and digital storytelling or contact us to have a chat.


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