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What is your experience with the Histories Curriculum?

When talking local to global contexts of the Aotearoa NZ Histories Curriculum- what is the most meaning for our primary students and what can schools realistically achieve within time constraints? Designing your own curriculum does not need to be onerous and when it comes to mapping your curriculum over a 2 or 3 year cycle, you can stop reinventing the wheel each term with each inquiry. Lean into the rich contexts where histories just connects because it is a part of every inquiry. 

There is so much to unpack from this report. Any schools that worked with me over the last 2 years immersing ourselves in the Aotearoa NZ Histories curriculum have just embedded it into curriculum and continue to link it to social, science and technology inquiries. They are feeling good about broadening opportunities for students to critically think about our stories, people and places.


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