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Are you a Xennial Teacher and how do you embrace technology in the classroom? 

When I began my journey into teaching, resources were scarce, and technological advancements were still finding their place in the classroom. With only one class computer at my disposal and no teacher laptop, classroom life was how it was, a simpler time. The school's computer suite was meant to equip students with digital skills, yet there was a notable gap between learning and practical application. Embracing new technology like the Mimio, those rather expensive devices that had a knack for slipping off my whiteboard, seemed to point to change in an era where simplicity reigned.

Over the next 25 years It has been a dance innovation and adaptation. Luckily I am a Xennial - the Star Wars generation. Xennials grew up in a transition period between analog and digital technologies, experiencing the emergence of personal computing, the internet, and social media during their formative years. They say we make good leaders and great adaptors of new technologies. 

Fast forward a decade from my first classroom, and the educational landscape had transformed dramatically. Blogging emerged as the latest craze, offering students a platform to express themselves and engage with a broader audience. iPads began infiltrating classrooms, promising endless possibilities for interactive learning. Yet, amidst the excitement, there was a palpable sense of uncertainty. While we rejoiced in the newfound technological arsenal, integrating these tools effectively into the curriculum remained a perplexing challenge. It was a time of experimentation and exploration, as educators grappled with the best practices for leveraging technology to enhance student learning and some educators just used them because they had to and they had them. Have things changed that much?

Another decade onward, and we find ourselves amidst a generation of children deeply immersed in digital devices from an early age. The pressing question on every educator's mind is how to harness this ubiquitous technology to truly enrich the learning experience. My pedagogical approach remains steadfastly simple: keep technology in the classroom for moments that actively engage students, enhance connection, and foster deeper learning. Technology use should have its own clear learning intention and its not about the technology.   It's about empowering students to transition from mere consumers to proficient creators in the digital realm. However, the education sector remains in a state of flux, torn between the need to embrace a future-focused approach and the apprehension of straying too far from traditional methods. 

When it comes down to it, its not about the technology at all but about the pedagogy. #pedeagogy #digitallearning #elearning #digitaltransformation


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