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Digitally Ready

During this time of the school year is all about getting ourselves, students and our resources 'readily available' for learning and it is no mean feat. A lot of times in schools, facilitation actually comes down to the nitty gritty of - is that App we have planned to use on all the ipads, have you got a reliable charging station and how decluttered are own home screens. Barriers to teachers who are less confident with technology are insurmountable and therefore should be priorities for schools. Teachers need to rely and have confidence in their tools in order to use it the best way they can.

Digitally ready also means that annual signing of the cybersafety agreements and a brief discussion perhaps of what it means to be a positive digital citizen in our ever increasing online presence. While agreements are important the greatest impact is an ongoing presence of what digital citizenship means in an ongoing conversation throughout the year. My go to for resources is common sense media and although based in the US, all the resources and lessons plans are very relevant here in NZ. Working with schools we tailor the key themes of Privacy & Security, Digital Footprint, Media Balance and Awareness and Relationships and Communication, so teachers have everything they need to prompt discussion at least once a term. Get in touch if you need a review of being digitally ready as well as digitally able.


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